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This site presents a number of statistics from Regional Internet Registries (RIRs): AFRINIC (Africa), APNIC (Asia-Pacific), ARIN (North America), LACNIC (Latin America and Caribbean) and RIPE NCC (Europe).

Statistics are available for:

Regional Internet Registries receive ranges of IP addresses and ASN numbers from ICANN, and then further allocate subranges to Local Internet Registries (mainly Internet Service Providers) in their geographic area.

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RIR Delegations

These pages provide statistics on IP addresses and ASN numbers delegated by RIRs to each country in their geographic area. Delegation details for each country are also available.

These statistics are generated automatically from the RIRs delegation files available via FTP:

RIPE NCC Allocations

These pages provide statistics on IP addresses allocated by RIPE NCC to LIRs in its geographic area (Europe, Middle East and parts of Central Asia). These statistics are presented both by country and by LIR.

Allocation details with hypertext links to the RIPE database are also available for each country.

Note that the numbers of IP addresses presented here are smaller than the corresponding numbers in RIR Delegations pages, since they only take into account addresses allocated to LIRs, and not addresses assigned directly to end users (as was the case before CIDR implementation).

These statistics are generated automatically from the list of allocated IP addresses available from RIPE via FTP:


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