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Iraq (IQ) - IP address allocations

Data from RIPE NCC website as of: Mon Oct 05 2015

iq.00964tornet Tornet General Trading and Communication Services LLC 20150513 ALLOCATED PA
iq.7netlayers Seven Net Layers for General Trading & Information Technology LTD. 20100331 ALLOCATED PA
iq.afnan Afnan Al-Harith LTD 20150810 ALLOCATED PA Midya Telecom for telecommunications-LTD 20120518 ALLOCATED PA Al-Jazeera Al-Arabiya Company for Communication and Internet LTD 20120201 ALLOCATED PA 20120611 ALLOCATED PA 20120611 ALLOCATED PA 20120611 ALLOCATED PA 20140903 ALLOCATED PA 20130813 2a00:c9e0::/32 Al-Sard Company for Trading agencies Ltd. 20100525 ALLOCATED PA 20130424 2a04:2dc0::/29
iq.alsard-co AL SARD TRADING AGENCIES CO. LIMITED 20111219 ALLOCATED PA 20120316 ALLOCATED PA 20130315 ALLOCATED PA 20130315 2a04:1160::/31
iq.alsco Alsalami Company for Software Engineering & Information Technologies Ltd. 20150102 ALLOCATED PA 20150102 2a05:9480::/29
iq.asl-aliraq Asl Al-Iraq General Communication LLC 20150224 ALLOCATED PA 20150223 2a05:d640::/29
iq.assertech Asser Al-Technologia Information Technology Company Limited 20150911 ALLOCATED PA
iq.aui-s The American University of Iraq-Sulaimani 20100908 ALLOCATED PA
iq.bahraliraq BAHR ALIRAQ General Trading Limited Liability Company 20120201 ALLOCATED PA 20120201 2a00:8ac0::/32
iq.biladalrafidain Bilad Al-Rafidain Company for Informatics and Communications Services Ltd 20110111 ALLOCATED PA 20121126 2a03:6dc0::/32
iq.bp-iraq-nv BP Iraq NV 20150206 ALLOCATED PA 20150206 2a05:bd80::/29
iq.cdn Computer Data Networks limited 20110118 ALLOCATED PA
iq.cellnet CellNet ltd 20090707 ALLOCATED PA City Telecom Co. LTD. 20120615 ALLOCATED PA
iq.dast-iq Dar Alsalam Company For Internet services And Information Technology W.L.L. 20120628 ALLOCATED PA
iq.datanet-telecom Data Net Company for Communications Limited 20130228 ALLOCATED PA 20130219 2a00:4360::/32
iq.decbs Domain Earth for Communication and Banking Solutions with Limited Liability 20150921 ALLOCATED PA
iq.dlt Delta communication services Limited 20121203 ALLOCATED PA 20121123 2a03:6ac0::/32
iq.earthlink EarthLink Ltd. Communications&Internet Services 20100309 ALLOCATED PA 20110822 ALLOCATED PA 20120413 ALLOCATED PA 20150922 ALLOCATED PA 20121107 2a03:4b40::/32
iq.elsuhdnet Elsuhd Net Ltd. Company for Communications and Computer Services 20110520 ALLOCATED PA 20140519 ALLOCATED PA 20140516 2a02:5ee0::/32
iq.erbil Erbil International Aiport 20150918 ALLOCATED PA 20150918 2a06:9100::/29
iq.exabyt EXABYT for Communication & General Trading /Ltd 20150624 ALLOCATED PA
iq.fastiraq FastIraq, LLC 20110211 ALLOCATED PA 20140401 ALLOCATED PA 20110221 2a00:dd00::/32
iq.future-waves Future Waves LLC 20131030 ALLOCATED PA 20131030 2a01:4860::/32
iq.gccit Al Lawn Al Akhdar International Company for Communications and Information Technology Ltd. 20051129 ALLOCATED PA 20110830 ALLOCATED PA 20130117 ALLOCATED PA 20130111 2a03:c340::/32
iq.goldenskylinks Golden Sky Links Company For Internet & Communication Ltd 20141030 ALLOCATED PA 20141030 2a05:50c0::/29
iq.gorannet Goran Net ISP Ltd. 20090424 ALLOCATED PA 20131125 2a01:58a0::/32
iq.gsfast G.S. Fast Net Company for Communication Ltd. 20131024 ALLOCATED PA 20131023 2a04:7740::/29
iq.halasat-ltd Hala Al Rafidain Company for Communications and Internet LTD. 20120621 ALLOCATED PA
iq.hayat Hayat for Internet & communication LLC 20111205 ALLOCATED PA
iq.hdth-iq Al-Hadetha for software and Automation Ltd 20141204 ALLOCATED PA 20141204 2a05:7a00::/29
iq.hrins Hilal Al-Rafidain for Computer and Internet Services Co., Ltd. 20120426 ALLOCATED PA 20140326 ALLOCATED PA 20131211 2a01:6720::/32
iq.idbbank International Development Bank for Islamic Investment and Finance (P.S.C) 20140213 ALLOCATED PA 20140206 2a04:ad00::/29
iq.infozone Information Zone Company For Internet & Computer Services - Ltd. Co. 20120328 ALLOCATED PA
iq.iraqcom IraqCom Company for Information Technolog Ltd. 20150626 ALLOCATED PA
iq.iraqincmc Communications and Media Commission (CMC) 20050615 ALLOCATED PA 20120524 2a01:43c0::/32
iq.iraqstc IRAQ SMART TECHS LLC 20050104 ALLOCATED PA 20130815 ALLOCATED PA 20130812 2a00:c860::/32
iq.knpit-2015 Knowledge Path for Information Technology and General Trading Ltd 20150922 ALLOCATED PA
iq.korektelecom Korek Telecom Company for Communications LLC 20150115 ALLOCATED PA 20150115 2a03:7020::/32
iq.matrix ALMASFOFA for Communication & Internet LTD 20140422 ALLOCATED PA 20140416 2a02:43a0::/32
iq.moc SCIS 20070725 ALLOCATED PA 20140331 ALLOCATED PA 20101022 2a02:2700::/32
iq.nakheel Nakheel Al-Shumookh Company 20150624 ALLOCATED PA
iq.nass Nass Al Iraq Company for General Trading and Technical Solution and Training Ltd 20150612 ALLOCATED PA 20150703 2a06:4200::/29
iq.nawand Nawand Telecom Ltd./private company 20111028 ALLOCATED PA
iq.networks IQ Networks 20051129 ALLOCATED PA 20071129 ALLOCATED PA 20150304 ALLOCATED PA 20100422 2a02:b60::/32
iq.newroz Newroz Telecom Ltd. 20080516 ALLOCATED PA 20090206 ALLOCATED PA 20091207 ALLOCATED PA 20111026 ALLOCATED PA 20140114 2a04:a040::/29
iq.nextnet Next Net for Internet and IT Services LTD 20150413 ALLOCATED PA
iq.nic-iraq National Investment Commission 20140428 ALLOCATED PA 20140428 2a02:4d60::/32
iq.northbank North Bank Company For Finance & Investment 20141006 ALLOCATED PA 20141006 2a03:3ee0::/32
iq.omnnea Taif Al Omnnea for the Distribution of Communication equipments Ltd 20131009 ALLOCATED PA 20130828 2a00:d620::/32
iq.orient Orient Company for Internet Services LTD 20150811 ALLOCATED PA
iq.paik "PAIK" Company for Communication and General Trade Importation& Exportation Limited 20131014 ALLOCATED PA 20131011 2a00:f7a0::/32
iq.pureline Pure Line Co. For Telecommunications & Internet Ltd. 20120716 ALLOCATED PA
iq.qematalwasat Qemat Al-Wasat Company 20140422 ALLOCATED PA 20140417 2a04:d100::/29
iq.regional-telecom Regional Telecom Company for Communications Ltd. 20121107 ALLOCATED PA 20121105 2a03:47c0::/29
iq.reytelecom Rey Telecom Company, for Telecommunication, LTD 20130827 ALLOCATED PA 20130826 2a04:5e00::/29
iq.samamadinaty Sama Madeniti for Communication & Internet Ltd. 20140804 ALLOCATED PA 20140804 2a05:4c0::/29
iq.scopesky ScopeSky Communication and Internet Ltd. 20050104 ALLOCATED PA 20100212 ALLOCATED PA 20120816 ALLOCATED PA 20141105 ALLOCATED PA 20141104 2a05:55c0::/29
iq.sgiq SatGate Company for Trading of Computers Systems and Communications Appliances WLL 20120502 ALLOCATED PA
iq.smartwaves Smart Waves for Information Technology Ltd 20150213 ALLOCATED PA 20150213 2a03:7d60::/32
iq.speedway Speedway Company for Internet service Ltd. 20130604 ALLOCATED PA 20130603 2a04:3c40::/29
iq.sufyan Dijlat Al-Khair Ltd 20150428 ALLOCATED PA 20150622 2a04:7800::/29
iq.tarinnet Tarin General Trading and Setting Up Internet Device LTD 20110307 ALLOCATED PA 20110927 ALLOCATED PA 20130108 ALLOCATED PA 20150527 ALLOCATED PA 20130108 2a03:bcc0::/32
iq.telhigh Tel High Telecom Communications Co.Ltd. 20120907 ALLOCATED PA
iq.tigrisnet TigrisNet 20060418 ALLOCATED PA 20080306 ALLOCATED PA 20100316 ALLOCATED PA 20130522 2a00:8b20::/32
iq.timenet Time-Net Private Company for Internet and Wireless Services Ltd. 20131211 ALLOCATED PA 20131209 2a04:9100::/29
iq.tishknet-iq TISHK NET Company for WIMAX technology and Internet Service Limited 20150310 ALLOCATED PA 20150309 2a05:e500::/29
iq.widetelecom FastLine For Communication And Information Technology Ltd 20120426 ALLOCATED PA 20140506 ALLOCATED PA 20140312 2a01:aa20::/32
iq.zainiq Al Atheer Telecommunication-Iraq Co. Ltd. Incorporated in Cayman Islands 20120814 ALLOCATED PA
iq.zarkanet ZarkaNet 20050314 ALLOCATED PA